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In times of increased ASEAN economic integration the official rhetoric around migration is one of free labour markets, opportunities and exchange. However, there are indications that ASEAN's migration management is in fact a "politics of return".

Democracy & Participation

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Heinrich Böll Stiftung supported a seminar organized by Thai Netizen Network which revised the implications of the controversial law since the enactment in 2007.

The spirit of  1992 crisis

On Friday, May 17 the Commission of Relatives of May 1992 Heroes in cooperation with hbs held a roundtable seminar in memory of the 21st anniversary of the Black May incident in 1992. In this context the role of the relatively young National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) was discussed, as well as the general development of the media in Thailand since 1992.

The 100 year anniversary of the international women’s day will be celebrated in many countries around the world in March 2011. To celebrate this event, the website “Women’s Voices, Women’s Choices - 100 years of international women’s day” in English and German version was created by Heinrich Boell Stiftung collaborating with its international and German Partners to increase public awareness concerning women and gender related topics.

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Natural Resource Management

Smog in Singapore: the balance between environmental protection and economic growth has not been found yet

Although ASEAN’s efforts to balance economic growth and environmental sustainability are growing, they are often overshadowed by the group’s economic integration agenda.


Southeast Asian cities will play a critical role in the unfolding of the ASEAN Economic Community, which is to be launched at the end of 2015. A discussion of the inter-linkages among economic growth, urbanisation, consumption, and the environment.


February 13 and 14 marked the Global Divestment Day. The movement calls to take money away from fossil fuel companies. hbs supported accompanying events across the region.

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Asia, the world’s most populous continent, has been undergoing a dramatic transformation. Globalization and new technologies are leading millions of people out of poverty. At the same time thousands have to leave their country. A continent on the move.