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Plastic pollution is a defining problem of our time - and one entirely of our own making. But how do we solve it? This article proposes a possible solution: a comprehensive, binding, and forward-looking global plastics treaty.

Ecology & Social Justice


Plastik sudah menyebabkan permasalahan lingkungan hidup, perekonomian, dan sosial dalam skala global. Meskipun diperlukan bahan baku untuk memproduksi plastik, hal ini sangat murah sehingga sering digunakan untuk produk yang akan dibuang – dan seringkali untuk produk yang hanya digunakan sekali. Oleh karena itu, sejumlah besar plastik kemudian menjadi polusi bagi lingkungan hidup.

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The Paris Agreement has set an ambitious goal to prevent global warming from spiraling out of control. But it has also set the stage for what will form the subject of numerous heated debates in the coming years.


Indonesia has been an active member of G20 since the forum’s inception in 1999. After the ministerial forum was upgraded to be a leader forum in 2008, Indonesian Presidents never missed the summits. Despite their tight domestic affairs schedules both former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the current President Joko Widodo have been in regular attendance at all summit meetings.

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The food that we eat plays a big role in the search for solutions to climate change. Agriculture is one of the major contributors of greenhouse gases. But the way we farm our land can also be a big part of the solution.


The economic empowerment and participation of women cannot be limited to promoting female entrepreneurship.

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Democracy & Participation


While Europe worries about trafficking and the so-called refugee crisis, Thai villagers are still building their hopes on women’s migration and labor abroad.

At Luang Phurian Uppatham School in Nong Khai

A small school in the Northeast is setting an example in adhering to Thailand’s human rights obligations seeing its Lao pupils become student leaders. But another 200.000 migrant children are left without access to country’s education system, reports Mingkhawan Thuemor, a participant of The Isaan Journalism Network Project.

The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission of Human Rights (AICHR) organized the first-ever AICHR Judicial Colloquium on the Sharing of Good Practices regarding International Human Rights Law from 13 to 15 March 2017 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


In late November 2016, rainbow colors broke through the black of mourning found everywhere in Bangkok, as 700 activists and allies from around the world arrived to participate in the largest ever world conference of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA).


Migrant workers in the Asean Region live and work under inhumane conditions. To improve this situation policies, the migration industry and the accountability of employers must all get a lot more attention.

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In this edition of Perspectives Asia, the authors highlight certain aspects of politics of food and seeks to illustrate some conflicting issues in the field of food and nutrition in Asia.

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