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Green Economy is a source of both hope and controversy. For some, it points the way out of permanent environmental and economic crises and promises to reconcile – a long cherished Utopia – ecology and economics. It fosters the hope that we can hang on to our current high standard of material prosperity.

Democracy & Participation

For Democracy

Democracy must be fought for, revitalized, and renewed. Institutions, like the Heinrich Böll Foundation, have been struggling against a significant headwind. With the publication “For democracy” and this online-dossier, we analyze the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.

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People want democracy. The surveys show anywhere in the world. But what is the right way to help people on the way to a better life in a liberal democracy? With years of active work in promoting democracy we support mainly dedicated people in the existing or emerging civil societies.

Banners at the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Sot

In early 2015 the Thai military government announced to establish various Special Economic Zones in border areas. There, the military uses its absolute powers to secure disputed plots for investment.

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Ecology & Social Justice

the Sombath Symposium discusses knowledge and practice drawn from different cultures and traditions that can serve as an alternative foundation to the predominant growth-driven development model.


A Blog by Motoko Aizawa, Institute for Human Rights and Business, and Nancy Alexander, Heinrich Boell Foundation-North America on the new Report: “In Search of Policy Coherence: Aligning OECD Infrastructure Advice with Sustainable Development”

Sunflowers bloom

Dr. Bonn Juego shares some reflections on the commons, reflecting upon the question “How does the commons, as an alternative perspective, see the relationship between humans and nature?”

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Perspectives Asia #4: The Gender Issue

In this edition of Perspectives Asia, the authors highlight certain aspects of gender relations and offer some very personal insights into the situations of women and men in Asia.